Eco Village - Design and Development

Eco Villages

A Sustainable way of Life - created today for the world of tomorrow

We believe that climate change makes it imperative that we adapt the way we live, especially in the countryside.

House Brothers are pioneers in creating innovative new approaches to both local housing and housing for those in search of a second home.

We believe that Small Sustainable Communities, or Eco-Villages as we call them, are the way forward. A traditional community-based ideal updated to embrace the best of modern sustainable living.

These Eco Villages will comprise a small group of affordable houses, available for sale or rent to those working locally or from home, all set in attractively landscaped semi-rural locations with their own workshop units.

They will be self-sufficient in power and heat, harvest and recycle their water and will be set within enough farmland to support each home’s basic fruit, vegetable and meat needs.

In addition they will have an equal amount of open green space, woods and lakes for the enjoyment of the residents and the wider community.

Our vision is that these communities will rely on their own shops, schools and other infrastructure, so reducing the need to travel for everyday needs, with the aim to make these villages as Low Carbon as possible.